2009 CTSV

2009 CTSV

Returning customer and this cleanest ever 2009 CTSV I’ve seen.

With already having a set of Kooks Headers and Exhaust and one of our custom grind LSA COMP Cams camshaft with Brian Tooley Racing 660 springs METCO MOTORSPORTS 2.5 & 9.1 pulley combo a set of Fuel Injector Connection 850cc injectors along with a McLeod Clutches.

With most of the mods complete on the car we though it was time to do some more upgrades. So we added a bigger Aux heat exchanger, JHR performance Aux ice coolant tank, Varimax intercooler pump, JHR performance 4.5 CTSV cold air induction system, in replace of the Airaid system that was already on the car.
We also installed a much needed off road connection pipe as well.



As you can see with us just retuning the car for the JHR 4.5 cold air kit and off road pipe we picked up quite a bit of HP and a even more impressive Foot lb torque!!


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