Custom grind JHR

Custom grind JHR

Just listen to that idle from our Custom grind JHR COMP Cams LSA camshaft with those Kooks Headers and Exhaust and Corsa axle back.
This is not your average caddy I can tell you that.

Another one of our potent CTSV’s hits the streets. This one all the way up from the state of FL!
This 2010 received our stage 3 package
Which includes all these goodies.

  • A set of Kooks Headers and Exhaust with off-road connection pipes
  • Corsa axle back
  • Set of Fuel Injector Connection 1000cc injectors
  • NW 102 throttle body
  • Brian Tooley Racing 660 lift springs with Ti retainers to handle the boost pressures
  • Custom grind JHR LSA COMP Cams camshafts
  • Comp Trunion bearing upgrade,
  • JHR ported snout
  • JHR performance 4.5 cold air induction
  • JHR performance aux ice box
  • Set of JHR Performance full CNC 280cc LSA cylinder heads
  • Lingenfelter Performance Engineering varimax pump
  • Melling high-pressure oil pump was installed
  • METCO MOTORSPORTS 2.5 upper and 9.1 lower pulleys to get the boost we need to achieve these HP #’s

The cars baseline was a little of from usual and was in a need a little attention. Just look at the transformation on this CTSV from where it started.

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